Global Tracks Professional Service Packages for Independent Travelers

Global Tracks Travel Advisors are here to make sure that you don’t spend your money on a trip that you won’t love. But we’re not just here to save you money and find exclusive upgrades and amenities – we’re here to save you the stress of planning and give you the peace of mind knowing that we’ll be here for you throughout the entire process, from the early planning stages to your return home from your dream vacation. We have compiled the following Professional Service Packages for Independent Travelers so that you can decide our level of involvement in your trip, based on your personal needs and desires.

Global Tracks Professional Service Packages
for Independent Travelers
Travel with Confidence
$500 per Trip
Exquisite Experiences
$1,000 per Trip
Reservations and Booking Service
Book Your Requested Cruise, Land Package, or Hotel
Support Liaison Between You & Travel Suppliers
Access to Negotiated Upgrades, Extras & Amenities
Exclusive Discoveries Consultation & Comparative Analysis
Detailed Personal Needs & Desires Profile
Dream Experiences Consultation
Accommodations Recommendations
Comparative Analysis Report (up to 3 comparisons)
Interruption-Free Appointment-Only Consultation
Cruise Assurance Technology
24/7 Monitoring of Price & Other Changes
Pre- & Post-Travel Recommendations & Arrangements
Pre- & Post-Cruise
Pre- & Post-Land Vacation
Private Car & Driver Options (where available)
Domestic & International Air Travel Assurance
Reserve & Ticket Requested Flights and Fares
Airline/Flight Comparative Analysis
Advanced Seating Requests (may incur airline charges)
Frequent Flyer Tickets (may incur airline charges)
Passport & Visa Assistance (additional charges quoted)
Airport - Hotel Transfer Assistance (additional charges quoted)
Comprehensive Destination Information
Access to Travel42 Electronic Destination Guides
Local Destination Specialists (additional charges quoted)
Pre-Trip Supplier Online Registration (where available)
Cruise Online Pre-Registration
Land Vacation Online Pre-Registration
Excursion & Dining Online Pre-Registration
Travel Documents & Confirmations Delivery
Eco-Friendly Electronic
Your Choice! Electronic, Printed, or Both
Worry-Free Cancellation & Representation
No Global Tracks Cancellation Charges**
Facilitation of Cancellations through Suppliers
Travel Insurance Program
Offering AIG Travel Guard Insurance Plans (additional charges quoted)
24/7 Emergency Trip Assistance
Global Tracks Emergency Hotline
Exclusive Insider Secrets, Special Offers & Deluxe Online Travel Magazine

**The Global Tracks No Cancel Fee Advantage

Global Tracks is fully committed to every one of our clients. That is why we will never charge you a fee to cancel your trip, regardless of the Professional Service Package level you choose. While suppliers’ cancellation penalties will still apply to your reservations, rest assured that you will never see one from us.

Over the past few months, we have all seen how confusing and frustrating supplier cancellation penalties can be. With our Worry-Free Cancellation & Representation program, we give you the security and peace of mind to know that we are here to support you and your traveling companions. With the Travel with Confidence, Exquisite Experiences, and Executive Annual Membership service programs, Global Tracks Travel Advisors will personally process your cancellations with all suppliers involved in your trip. We can take care of this often stressful, time-consuming process for you without you needing to lift a finger.