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About Our Company History

Our Company History

Global Tracks, founded by Joann Chaney and Carey Kaspari, focuses on educational travel programs. Joann built her travel career by developing and managing Purdue University's educational travel programs. Carey worked for several major international travel companies focusing on alumni group travel. Together they built Global Tracks, a company dedicated to bringing high quality customized educational travel programs to you.

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From our clients...

"Over the past decade Joann Chaney built Purdue's Educational Travel Programs from nothing into one of the nation's foremost programs, one that served as a model for other institutions. Her programs were impeccably well organized and were conducted in a professional and problem-free manner. Both instructors and participants in her programs were enthusiastic about her leadership, and most came back to her year after year. For putting together a program that is enlightening, fun, well-organized, and economical, Joann is absolutely the best."

Michael M. Eddy, Director
Continuing Education Division
Purdue University